Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Special Photoshop Work

Don't forget Mommy!
Get her a Fairy Picture of her child or grandchild. This would be a perfect art piece for on the wall. The Fairy Picture is made by me. I only use Background Images that I have taken. The Picture of the Child can be taken by me or we can use one of your Photos. (has to be in a good condition)

My Offer:

$110 Dollars for the finished Fairy Picture.

this includes: one digital JPG Print on CD (without Watermark so you are free to print it yourself)
plus I will give you one 8x10 Gallery wrap
or if you don't want a gallery wrap I can get you,
one Metallic print of all sizes up to 16x20.

This sale ends April 30th.

Other special offer right now:

Did you know that I also do Photo restorations? Do you have a Photo of your Mother when she was young? Or a Photo of your Mothers Parents that you would like to restore for her and give her to Mothers day?
I love bringing old Pictures back to life!
This here is my Father (red hood) his Brother, Mother and Grandmother. The Picture was in a very poor condition I restored it and even made the Picture in a printable size. added more grass on the bottom and added a blue sky.

Restoration start at: $50.- ->Price goes up the more damaged a Picture is.

Colorization will be charged separate: $45.- 

It took a while to get all the writing out of this Picture. 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cute but Wild?

So I sometimes put some old Bread out for our Friend the Squirrel Mr. Fritz.
here is a Picture of our Friend that always comes by the Back Door.
We recognize him because he has one Ear missing...anyways...

So yesterday he didn't came by but Mr. Raccoony showed up. It has bin a while since we last saw him. We don't usually feed those Raccoons...they get to attached to People and start to come to close. They are Cute but I would not want to get to close to one.

I saw Mr. Raccoony the other day when I went outside for a walk with my Camera in the Back yard. Odin was with me. Raccoony sat behind the Neighbors Barn and we just stared at each other.
Here are some Pictures of my evening walk.


and as if our staring at each other was a Dinner invite for the Raccoon he came by yesterday and took all the Bread away that was intended for Fritz.
I just took the opportunity and took Pictures of this animal.

Shhhhhhh Racoony is coming!

yes it is Cute! 
But ...
..... it's a wild animal!

 Odin had fun watching

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Boy Power!!!

What a fun Photoshoot this was! 3 Boys at once! I really loved taking Pictures of them. Especially with all of them together. They are such sweet Boys! And very photogenic!
I asked the Mom if Baby Branden likes to lay on his tummy. She told me...he does not like it that much. Well I tried it anyways. I remembered Odin didn't like it either but I took Pictures of him on his tummy all the time. (mean Mommy!) Ha ha ha ha.
Anyways ....There is that big branch that came down off a tree recently and I knew I wanted the Baby right there. White Flowers and the Green Grass...I just knew it was the right spot for him. And I was right. He liked it! He even gave me a smile :-)
The Big Brother, Frankie was a pro...just like I expected. You might know him from the School Pictures I took from Oz's pre-school class. He is always sooo easy to take pictures of. And the same was here, in this Photo shoot. He did great! Same with Aiden. He did so good! I didn't have to tell him very much, he seemed to know how and where he had to be. He liked climbing on trees. He had fun with that, and therefore I got some very nice Pictures of him as well.
I want to thank Branden and Frankies Mom for coming by on this nice and Sunny day to have a wonderful Photo shoot done. It was fun!