Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cozumel Mexico 2010

We went to the Island Cozumel Mexico for two full weeks. It was amazing and so beautiful! We stayed at the Iberostar Hotel and Resort. The Hotel was one of those All Inclusive cozy little places that are more relaxing and more private. There were not many people so it was very quiet which we loved! The kids had a blast! They loved the Beach and we spend most time in the Sand and looking at the awesome Blue and Turquoise sea water.
We took a lot of awesome Pictures. I concentrated on taking a lot of Pictures of us. And i made sure when i took pictures of the Nature or something that it was something interesting and beautiful. Allan took a lot of those Pictures too. We all had a awesome time! Cozumel is Paradise! We might go back there someday...who knows :-)

We also put a shell on it :-)

There was also a Playground!

I love this Photo!

There were not a lot of People. I enjoyed that a lot!!!

Our room


Every day!!! He loved it!

Oz's Birthday Cake! It was so beautiful!

Oz was freaking out when they came with the cake. He was hiding under the table! Ha ha ha ha

But the Cake was so good!

This Picture took Allan...I love it!

Having fun!

Allan was the winner of this Game! He did awesome!

This is one of my favorites! Allan walking into the Water.

Cozumel has Alligators!

Allan and Oz went up in the Light house...i stayed on the beach with Odin.

After getting down from the Light house :-)

I love how this Picture turned out!

At the Spa

He did awesome walking in the Water

Our room

Collecting Coconuts!

My Beautiful Son!!!

An other favorite!

He loved those Berry/Orange drinks!

He wanted me to take Pictures of him drinking his juice :-)

Everyday Cheese Pizza!!!!!

The Cooks!!! Love this Picture!

Me!!!! Love it!!!

and finally some Family Pictures :-)