Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bristol Renaissance Fair 2010...First Visit

Those are the pictures of our first visit this Summer. It was opening Weekend and we felt like we wanted to go. The weather was very nice and sunny. Like always we had a blast!!! Odin my Baby Boy was very interested in all the colorful faces and had fun crawling under the trees. I always enjoyed seeing new stuff. And i always have my Camera ready! There is so much to see and to discover it's such a wonderful place for a Photographer like me :-)
I see a lot of other Photographers...but manly Men. And some use Flashes in the middle of the day!!! I don't get why! The light conditions there are just unbelievable wonderful! It is just Magic when the sun is shining through the trees :-)...i always feel like i'm in a Magic World.

i think she's my favorite Fairy this year :-)
she was holding little Odin and he was not scared at all.

Finally...i see this guy every year but never had a chance to take a picture.

Oz got a magic stone from him.

Rob Williams
1 Flaming Idiot

He created a Baloney Foot Sandwich and the Lady eat it...LOL

This guy was sooo creative!

Dark Man

Jane The Phoole:

The Faun :-)

She's just great! Love her Costume!

yaaaaaay...a cool ride!!!

a great Blacksmith

Sandbox play

The band is called Tartanic. They were very good!

Every year at the same spot i find someone asleep...must be a cozy place there under that tree :-)

This Lady had fun watching Odin and Oz play in the grass.

The Queen herself!!!!

The royal Falconer
Flight of the Raptor:

What is he writing there?

Hi Baby :-)

riding on a Elephant!

Time to go home!!!