Saturday, November 23, 2013

Yearly Picture

So I finally found the time to take my two boy's yearly Picture. It went better then past years! They had fun and came up with ideas what to do. Love the result. I can't believe this is the fifth time I'm doing this! I'm glad I started it. One day when my boys are grownup I have the cutest collection of Photos of them growing up :-D
Those are my favorites of the past 4 years. First one is 2009. My yougest was just like 5 days old or so.

This years collection:

 My Favorite All in Christmas sparkles!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mexico Playa del Carmen 2013

We went to Playa del Carmen for 10 Days. We stayed at a much bigger Resort then we used too. The Weather was fantastic and the water was very warm, so that it was awesome for the kids to be in the water the whole day. We had a fantastic time!
We met some new Friends that made us laugh every day. :-D
My son Oz had some bad luck this vacation. I was so hoping that this time around spending his Birthday in Mexico (like we did 3 years ago) would be nicer for him. But he broke his tooth on the first day, and he got sick with high fever on his Birthday. He even had to go to the Hospital to get checked out. They even had to do an IV on him to give him fluids and electrolytes. Luckily we were able to go back to the Hotel the same day and were able to get to our Japanese Restaurant Reservation. That was fantastic! Oz got his Favorite Noodles, Teriyaki Chicken. He was in Heaven after not eating a lot and that bad experience in the Hospital. He was Hungry!!!
Even with the bad luck we managed to have a fun time in Mexico :-)
The Sea Water was very warm!!
Having a lot of fun with the Waves!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Where did my Baby go? He looks much older in this Picture!
 Making sure not to fall behind in school.
 Odin loved to dance at the mini disco!
 Sooooooo cute!!!!!
 Hubby played a Game :-D That was soooooooooo funny!
 Hubby won!!!!
 I was able to go on stage and help a Magician :-D
The Duck was in that Box
 and came out of mine!
 We still don't know how they are called...we always forgot what they are...we called them Monkey-Rats or Mexicoons.
 Give Me food!!!
 Hubby played some Paparazzi
 Walking to the Dinner Buffet.
 Mini Disco!
 The first time Oz shot it went strait to the bulls-eye! Could not believe my eyes! LOL
 He really like it.
 Odin got a turn too...soooo cute!!!
 I tried my luck with a Game...Did not won :-/
 Hubby getting a Medal for first place n Archery :-D
Lets try this too!
Bikini Contest!
 Some sexy action
 Having fun!
 Hi Baby Monkey-Rats
 Odin loved the Sea!
 Oz taking some Pictures

 Jumping over waves is a lot of fun!
 look at my Beautiful sons!!! Love them!!!
 Hubby trying Limbo
 Feeding some Fish
 Dangerous Mom!!!
 Oz loves Baby Animals!!!!
 They had a Turtle Egg rescue station on the beach! at that day they hatched. 
 soooooooo Cute!!!!!!
 It is sunset....ready to let the Turtles go free!
 It was the cutest thing I've ever seen!
 look at those little Babies!!! It was amazing!
 Here you go... good luck little Turtle!
 Odin let's one free too! His PĆ¼tteli was there too LOL
 Good Luck!!!
 only 4 in 1000 Baby Turtles survive! I hope 1 of those will!
 Birthday Dinner :-)
 Luck at that Mami!
 After such a struggle today some much needed love!
 This Photo with Oz and his Birthday Meal is my Favorite of  the whole Vacation :-)
He was so Happy to get those Noodles. He was hungry and still a bit sad about going to a hospital on his Birthday. We were so relieved to be able to do this dinner for him :-D
 Happy Birthday!!!
 Juice Popper :-D
 Tequila Popper for Papi and Mami
 An other Game!
 hi hi hi hi hi hi
 He won again!!!
 It's his Birthday!!!!!
 Happy Birthday!!!!

Spending some time with Friends!

 Hubby did a Photo shoot with Me again
 my 7 year old!
 My Beautiful Boys!!!!

 Ready to go home