Friday, December 28, 2012

Disney World Chritmas 2012

Here are many Pictures of our Trip to Disney World in Florida.
Only thing I can say about it is, IT WAS AWESOME!
stressful at times with two little kids that just have to much energy...but man did we laugh a lot!
Dino Restaurant
 Oz looking at all the Dinosaur stuff,,,so cute!
 Odin was never this good at a Restaurant before! He loves Dinos!!!
 Our Table was right by a Aquarium! The kids loved it!
Arrrrrrrrrrr I'm a dinosaur!!!
 Monday....Good Morning's foggy out.
 Taking the Boat to the Magic Kingdom
 First ride was the Race Cars at Tomorrow Land :-)
 Me and Odin
 The Haunted Mansion
 I was waiting for my Husband and Oz to go down Splash Mountain. It was sooo funny to watch People having fun with the Water.
 yippiiiiiiiiiiii there they are!!!
 Oh there is Mami!!! Hello!!!
 And down they went! First time Oz went on a drop down like that! So cool to have it on Pictures!
 I cropped this Photo to show them better
Ooooooooooooooooooh! That was sooooooo cool!........I think that boy in front didn't had such a good experience ;-)
 Beeing silly before going into the Tikki Room!
 That Tiki song was stuck in my head for the rest of the day! But We loved it! They switched it back to the original!!! Much better then the New Management Version that we saw 3 years ago. I think many people like this one much better! And best thing is! The Kids really thought those were real Birds singing!
 The Country Bears
 The Electrical Parade
 The Aquarium in the Water Nemo Building was amazing!!!!
 That was just Awesome!!!!

We are in Norway! 
 Are we in Florida...or in China ;-)
 Odin found a new friend in China! He loves this new member of the Family.
 We are in Germany!!!
 We are in Italy!!!
 We are in Japan!!!
 We are in France!
 Wednesday....Hollywood Studios
 This show was awesome! 3 years ago they had a problem and we could not watch it till the end. Odin and Oz loved it!

 Star Wars
 Honey I shrunk the Kids Play ground
 The dogs Nose made sniffing sounds Hahahahaha so cool!
 Waiting for the Cars Stunt Show to begin :-)
 Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Animal Kingdom! My Favorite Park at Disney World!!! I love how the attractions, the rides and the Animals go so well together. Everything is so nice and there are many People who answer questions and tell you about the Animals. You feel like you walk through a big jungle. It's Beautiful!
 The Word LOVE up in the Sky!!!
 Odin loved Dino Land!!!
 Safari Time!!!
 My Favorite experience!
 Where is the Hippo?
 There he is!!!
 Oh My!!!
 My Boys found new Families...ha ha!!!
 Just love! Love! LOVE this tree!
 Some of the Christmas Decorations and Lights at the Campground. Some People just did it all!
 Do you think this one has enough Lights and stuffed animals? LOL
 Friday.....Magic Kingdom again. It was my Husbands Birthday :-) What a fun day we have spend together! It was so much fun!
 My Hubby just got a free batch of Cotton Candy. It's good that celebrate your Birthday at Disney. And on top it was the end of the World day! So where would be the best Place to spend the last day? at the Happiest Place on earth ;-)
 Yaaaay Mickey!!!
 Singing People
I have a Picture of Me and the Boys at the same Place 3 years ago. I just say...Man they grew a lot!
 Let's do this again!!!
 On our way to the Royal Table Restaurant.
 Hi hi hi hi hi hi! Look at the Boys Faces! Priceless!
 Beautiful Cinderella!
 Lets go up! We are in the Castle!!!
 How cool is that!!!! You actually have to reserve a table 9 Month in advance to get in there. Perfect Place to have Lunch on your Birthday!
 So cool!
 My Hubby looking at the Princesses...Ha ha ha ha ha ha comes the first one
 Oh did he like that ;-)
 Who says this Restaurant is just for Girls? The Boys loved it!
 He really liked this one. Hi hi hi hi
 Hubby being funny with her ;-)
 He wanted to get a Picture too!
 So cute!
 An other one...yes!!!
 Ariel was my Favorite! She was stunning! So Beautiful!
 Yes he liked her too ;-)
 Happy Birthday my Love!
 in The new Fantasy Land.
 He is taking a Peek at the new Ride that is being build.
 Oh that was so funny! Odin and Goofy goofing around! That was priceless!
 Ha ha ha ha ha...Hi hi hi hi hi...ho ho ho ho
 It's a small World
 the new Ariel ride in Fantasy Land. It was sooooo cute!
 Dumbo :-)
 My Boys being silly! LOL
 Yaaaaay I got a shot of them!!!
 The lights at the Castle. The Fairy God Mother will do her Magic!
 Everything looks so nicely decorated...but Mickey something is missing! The Castle need more!
 Fairy God Mother
 Lets Ask Cinderella how she wants the Castle to look.
 Just like Cinderellas sparkling Glass Shoes ;-)
 One last Visit to Mickey! See you next time!