Thursday, January 8, 2015

Winter Vacation 2014/15

We went on a very adventurous trip to the West. We made sure that we visited a lot of places and on top of it visited Friends and Family. It was a memorable Vacation for both the Boys and us. We were laughing a lot!!! From the first they where Oz got in trouble with Seagulls to the last day where we ate enormous Pancakes for Breakfast, there was always something funny.

San Diego CA, Pacific Ocean

He was playing with this Bird
First there was only one...but then when he gave the bird food...he got nearly attacked by it and other Birds were showing up out of no was so funny!!!!

Surreal...this somehow does not feel right! LOL

San Diego Zoo

 Those Turtles Were the weirdest thing to watch. Just look at the Pictures. Good thing you can't hear anything of this! Ha ha ha ha ha ;-)

 The Zoo is so big, it has a Gondola!!!

 USS Midway Museum in San Diego.
This was soooooo neat to see! Very interesting!

At the Seal Rock North of San Diego.

at Palm Springs with friend Matt


Palm Springs Airplane Museum

In Upland where Al grew up
Al's house where he grew up

childhood friends Tree. Where they played a lot

Childhood Friends

On Our way to Las Vegas

las vegas circus circus

M&M Store


What do they say?:
What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas ;-)
It was very cold. not normal for Vegas..... Nothing new for us Chicagoans

You will at leased meet one Elvis in Vegas. ha ha ha ha


Hoover Dam

So Scary to look down!

This Bypass Bridge is new. Last time I visited Hoover Dam this was not there. Very good though for the traffic. I was very impressed by this Bridge. So worth to go on it and look at Hoover Dam from the top.

This restaurant was called The Heart Attack Grill. Must be the most hilarious Restaurant ever! You only cen order Burger...and the only vegetable you get is Tomato and Onions. The drinks are also the unhealthy kind and You can buy cigarets and Alcohol. When you order wine you will get it in a IV bouch. And the most funny thing is...if you don't finish your Burger you get spanked!!!

 Oh My!!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

 Jello Shot!!!!
 He did not finish his Burger so he got a spanking ;-) Well more like a soft pad.

las vegas fairmont street

Hi hi hi hi

Who is this Kid?!!!! Growing up to fast!!!

This was soooooooooo awesome!!!! Red Rock Canyon.

He loved this Place. favorite part of our vacation.

Climbing the Rocks will be in my kids Memory forever!


Last night in Vegas

No way I would go on one of those rides!!!! So Scary!!!