Friday, June 19, 2009

My Inspiration

My son is the reason why i started getting into Photography. His my Rock!!! His absolutely amazing. And i never get tired of taking pictures of him. His a big challenge. Little kids, specially toddlers, Are hard to photograph. Just like with the Animals. They move when they want to move and you just have to be there to take the pictures. I never tell Oz what to do, or when he has to smile or Laugh. I just let him be. This way you get very natural Pictures of People. With kids it's always important to take more then one picture at one time. Just shoot away with your Camera and you'll get your perfect picture. Most Photographers just keep going and going, hitting and hitting until their happy with the results.

My son Oz


Family is a beautiful thing. And to build up Memories with them is so much fun. It's always nice to have a Picture of different times. Kids grow up fast!