Tuesday, December 20, 2011

They are Back!

Look who's here again :-)
and they are not alone anymore!
I was so glad when Doris told me she wanted to get some Pictures done of her new Baby Girl. She just turned 2 Month old and is just the sweetest little Girl! What a cute little Baby.
It's so nice to be able to capture all those wonderful Moments for them. I have done their Engagement Photo shoot and was their Wedding Photographer. And now I can create wonderful Family Moments with their new Baby. They are really fabulous People. Every time I go through Pictures of them and enhance them I'm listen to Frank Sinatra kind a Music. It just fits them so well and I get the perfect mood into the Pictures.
Little Olivera was like a little Lady in her cute red dress.

I want to thank Doris and Alan for yet a wonderful time. You just Rock those Photo shoots!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lets put them in some snow

It was a lot of fun doing this mini Photo shoot. I bought a new black background and it was great to try it out.
I want to thank Matt and Angie for coming back to me for their Christmas Pictures. It was great to see Logan again!

The request was to do something special with a Family Photo. Something fitting for Christmas. Angie was joking when she said. yes, put us in a some snow without no jackets.
Well that was exactly what I did. And it turned out they both love it. Yes it must be very cold, but they look very warm and cozy together :-)

You know I could put them in a Snowstorm and they would still look this lovely!
Added Snow and Blue Background with Photoshop
Some Family Magic