Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kokopelli my Good Fortune Pendant

"Kokopelli play for me,
So my heart may sing,
Magic flute of mystery,
Fruitful dreams you bring.
Song of Aztlan,
Fertile Fire,
Canyons of my mind,
Sacred union,
Heart to heart,
Speaks of the Divine.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dashiel's 2'nd Birthday Party

We were invited to Oz's Friend Birthday Party. He turned 2 years old. The Day was very nice...but also very hot! I'm Pregnant right now...but that didn't hold me back with being active and taking Pictures of all the fun. The Party was very cozy and all the People had a great time. The Children and the Baby's had a great time with the Pool and the slip and slide. It was so much fun to Photograph all the action. I love taking Pictures of splashing Water. I always thought it looks so cool when you can see all the drops flying through the air.
Oz had also a great time. He likes to just watch the People.
The Birthdays them was Sesame Street. Little Dashiel loves all the characters of this show. So his Birthday Cupcakes where sesame street characters. ...All Made by his Mom and Aunt.

I'm vary pleased with some of the Pictures! They are a very tight and lovable Family. I tried to hold that in my Pictures.

Thanks for having us :-)