Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cozumel 2011...10 year anniversary

This vacation was like a Honeymoon for us .-)...it really felt nice to get away from the craziness at home. Allan and I celebrated our 10th anniversary. We really had a fun, relaxing and romantic time together. We went to the same Hotel that we went to with the kids last October. It felt strange walking on the beach and around the resort without the kids. Of course everywhere i looked i saw them. We did not walk past our old room that much. I did got sad sometimes and i missed them so much. But we had an awesome time. I was able to watch some shows and we went on a off road trip through the jungle to a beautiful cavern. I wanted to do that last time...but the kids were to young for it.
We also met some friends again. That was a lot of fun! And we made some new friends. :-)

Our Room

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day! 10 years!

I had to be patient to get this shot!

getting ready for our anniversary dinner :-)


Allan wanted to get sexy picture of me on the beach. It was very nice to be a Model for a change :-)

We set the Camera on timer...it came out great!!

San Miguel, the beautiful City on Cozumel

Meeting our Friend that we met last time we were at Iberostar

Aresome place to get Tacos! It was sooooooo good!!!!

Love....Love this Picture!!!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha...I had to Laugh when I saw this...LOL

This was an awesome place to hang out!

So beautiful!

Jade Caverns!!!


He was so cute! And awesome to hold!

There was a wedding on the beach.

We enjoyed many beautiful sunset's!

Alberto's Restaurant.
Right next to Iberostar Hotel. You can walk right to it on the beach. fresh seafood every day. It was very good!

Meeting Joel..our friend that we met last time we were on Cozumel. His a very nice and funny guy! We spend a great day with him.

Those two Pictures were taken by an other Photographer that we met. She, her Husband and her son were right there on the beach when we saw the sky and we thought it would be the perfect background for a silhouette. To have a Photographer right there was just the perfect Moment!

The Flowers right by our room.

We spend a very nice time with that Coupe that we met. We had a lot in common. I saw her always on the beach taking pictures of her son. She reminded me so much of me when I was chasing my boys on the beach.
She and her husband are Photographers. Wonderful People!
Very nice couple and her son was just so cute. Wanted to hug me and told me he likes me :-)...my Heart melted...I missed Oz so much! And her son is so similar to him.
Her Photography website:

Last dinner at the Mexican Restaurant

Tequila Flambe! OMG it was sooooo good!!!