Saturday, May 15, 2010

Little Fur Balls

We went to Windmill Acres in Beecher two weeks ago. And we discovered that they had new kittens. I left my Camera at home, because we only wanted to go there to look at some plants they sell and order a playground for the kids. So of course i had to go back there to take Pictures of those cute little fur balls! It took me two weeks to finally go back. But i was glad! The time was just right. All the kittens where exploring and playing and just looked so cute! Their Mom was there too, and she was a very mellow Cat and unbelievable patient! I don't know how many kittens she had but there where a lot! And she was nursing them quietly. It was amusing to watch those kids fighting and pushing each other over the food. The Mom was buried under all those kittens. It was great! This made me appreciate to only have one Baby ;-)

I love this Picture!

This one was a trouble maker!

He had a great face!

I did not put it in went for it self! was a perfect Moment!

This is also one great picture! He was my favorite kitten.

i felt a little sorry for her.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Toad

Our Garden is now full of those little mellow creatures. Oz and i discover them all over the yard.
And i got to photograph something that is the most heartbreaking but totally normal thing ever. Besides Frogs and Toads we have a lot of Snakes too! And like i learned the other day...Snakes love Frogs!
Oz was with me when i photographed this scene. He looked and then He said: "Frog bobo!" (bobo=Hurt)
I turned to him and he looked puzzled. This is one of those situations where it's hard to explain a child what was happening. I told him..."Yes this Frog is hurt...A Snake is a hunter! It hunts down Frogs and Mice and other small animals. Just like other the Wolf or the Bear. They all hunt for other Animals.... This is how it is. ...It's Nature...."

We left the scene after that.

Some days later i found one that didn't mind me getting close to him to take Pictures. Like i said our yard is full of them. That little guy was great! The perfect Model :-)

It's bin a while since i've created a Fantasy Picture.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Photo Props

I've bin looking to get a wicker chair or something like it, to use in my work. Now i finally found one in a second hand shop!!!! OMG i was so thrilled when i saw it :-)...and it was only 10$! I also got a Basket for New born and Baby Photography. Those two things are the first props i've got so far.
I'm still looking around for other cool stuff.



Saturday, May 1, 2010

Little Odin exploring the Outdoors

My Baby Boy is nearly 6 Month old. He's close to crawling around. He's so cute when he try's it. I love this age. Everything is so new for him. I love to watch how he's looking at everything. The Grass, the flowers and the trees....everything is so new for him :-)