Friday, January 31, 2014

Daily Pictures 2014 -January-

I started a Project again that I have failed to complete in the past. Taking a Picture every day is not that easy. To keep it up and make it to the end of the year. Now I want to try it again! And what a first Month we had! I think it's the best year for this. The Winter here in Chicago is very harsh this time around. And I love every second of it!!! We experienced some -30 windchill weather (-35C)...or even more then that. well anything below 20 feels just freezing cold! The Kids had snow days for 4 days in all. Every time we had a sun dog they were home for 2 days.
I have more then one Picture at some days. It was very difficult to choose just one. This Month just had so many Photo opportunities!
These are all the Pictures from this Month. 

Day 1
Coyote in the Morning.
 Day 2
 Shoveling Snow
 Day 3
After the Snow blizzard.
 Day 4
Taking a walk outside.
Day 5
An other Snow storm. Every inch was covered with Snow.
 Day 6
Arctic cold Blast. A Sun Dog in the Morning. I've never seen a big one like this. I went outside as often as I could. Ice was building on my eye lashes. I tried to do Frozen Bubbles. It was sooo much fun!

 Day 7
This works also in Winter.
 Day 8
our house Bunny is the best!
 Day 9
Pooping Squirrel!
 Day 10
It got a little warmer. Icicles started to melt.
 Day 11
Wrinkles is the best Cat ever!
 Day 12
Cooking Dinner
 Day 13
 Looking inside
 Day 14
The Squirrels stole all the Food!!!! Fill it up again!
 Day 15
Bath time
 Day 16
Very Windy out there!
 Day 17
Thanks for filling it up again!
 Day 18
Wrinkles behind a curtain.
 Day 19
Ice Skating Time!
 Day 20
Time to draw
 Day 21
It's hard not to say 'I told you so' his fingers in the slamming door.
 Day 22
I was feeling Girly... Self portrait time.
 Day 23
Jack enjoying his favorite Spot
 Day 24
cuddle time
Day 25
My Water mister is running non stop this winter
 Day 26
Stealing The Bird food again!
My Son is just sooo Gorgeous!
 Day 27
An other Cold blast with an more beautiful, most Brightest Sun Dog ever!!!

 Day 28
Adventure time!!!
 Day 29
Freezing colorful water for a Igloo I want to build :-)
 Day 30
Squirrel looking for food.
 Day 31
Wrinkles by the furnace.