Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Business Card

I now have my Business card's yaaaaay! I'm exited! It looks very nice!



Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bristol Renaissance Fair....Third Visit

This was probably the last time we went to the Renfaire this year! And we finally were dressed up appropriately. It was a totally different experience! It was great! Allan also took a lot of those Pictures!!! He had fun with our new Lens that we have...The wide angle Lens!
It was also our first time with our new Camera! OMG...What a great Camera it it! I'm shooting now in RAW not in JPG anymore...That is a totally new thing for me and i see the difference!
My favorite thing to shoot was the Moonie show that day. He had a Great Lady with him on stage! It was a blast to shoot her! Her reactions were awesome! I just love tho shoot Facial expressions...the emotions!

Again!!!! The kid eating Witch!!!!

She was explaining how to cook a Baby toes stew...and told us that baby toes are more delicious then toes from adults :-)

Allan took those Pictures! I love how this Man is looking in the Camera!

We were at the Ren Fair with new friends! An other Swiss Family living in Chicago Land! Was great for Oz meeting a Girl that was talking like he does.

The fantastic Moonie show!

This is my favorite Picture! I love her!!! That surprised Face is just priceless!

"Don't screw up!!!!!!"

This Pirate was siting in the Perfect spot! sometimes i think they totally know what we Photographers want!

Allan took allot of Pictures of the different streets.

This is me with Odin ;-)

It was fun taking Pictures of marching Feet!

This Photo came out wonderful!!!

This little guy was awesome!!!!

The Queen! She was holding a Baby!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah so cute!!!!

He was smiling right there :-)

This girl was very beautiful!

Again...someone sleeping! Every time we go there, i discover someone sleeping.

Play time!!!!