Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Turning 6 Years old very soon!

My big Boy is turning 6 years old very soon! Can't believe it! He was excited when I told him I wanted to take Pictures of him. It was a beautiful, sunny day and he sowed me the places he wanted to take the pictures.
Mr. Odin wanted to be in front of the Camera and I got some very, very cute Pictures of him. He was totally into it and that sowed me that he really knows how to be a Model...just like Oz.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Classic Car hunt

We were amazed when we spoke to the old Couple in Yellowstone about their Ford Model A. The things that they told us were so cool. The fact that they drove all the way from California to Yellowstone national Park was just unbelievable!
We love old Cars...unique stuff...and so last week my Husband looked into it and it didn't took us long to decide to go on a hunt for a Model A of our own. And we did find one! It is amazing!
We were looking for one that was original to it's time...specially the inside. and the color of the outside.

 Our first Model A that we looked at was a 1930s The owner wanted $12'000.- for it. But the Motor didn't run...and it had a lot of oil leaks. The outside was ok (had some scratches and color cracks) and the inside was better then we expected.
 I laughed when I saw Al Copone's Pictures and the old gun! LOL

This one we really liked! This one would have bin our second choice. We loved the color. and the Inside was perfect! But it had color issues. scratches and paint pealing. The motor was running very nice. It was a far I can remember and The owner wanted $14'000.- for it.

 This 1930s Model A was interesting. It was very well priced at $9'500.-. and the red black color was cool looking...but...the inside with the two tone pollster was not nice. They didn't had it like that back then. so we knew we would have to change that. The color had some scratches and color snots...what I didn't like that much. there was a window shield Crack at the front window and the back tooThe motor was running good.

 This is what we ended up with :-) it is a 1929 Model A
The color was very good...just one aria...right there were my Husband is testing with a Magnet, was something fixed at one point. the roof the under body and the inside was very good! I like the inside a lot. and the yellow wheels! The motor was running very well and it had a lot of newer parts.
The owner wanted 15'500 but we got it for 14'000 that was without the trunk on the back. He had one and gave it to us plus the cover for the trunk for free....The trunk itself would cost about 550.- and the cover would put it over 600.- so we did very well with our 14'000.- that we paid :-) We love this car! It's looking sooo nice! The color is a little off of it's year...they didn't had a black on black Model A back then. but the inside was right and all the parts were right. We just love the all black color! It makes it look gangster like! :-)
Now if I only could drive stick!!!! Oh man I want to drive it sooo bad...I told my Hubby I want to learn how to drive it! It only has 3 gears so I think it will be ok to learn it :-)
We will drive that thing very soon! With the kids in the back....just awesome!!!!