Tuesday, December 20, 2011

They are Back!

Look who's here again :-)
and they are not alone anymore!
I was so glad when Doris told me she wanted to get some Pictures done of her new Baby Girl. She just turned 2 Month old and is just the sweetest little Girl! What a cute little Baby.
It's so nice to be able to capture all those wonderful Moments for them. I have done their Engagement Photo shoot and was their Wedding Photographer. And now I can create wonderful Family Moments with their new Baby. They are really fabulous People. Every time I go through Pictures of them and enhance them I'm listen to Frank Sinatra kind a Music. It just fits them so well and I get the perfect mood into the Pictures.
Little Olivera was like a little Lady in her cute red dress.

I want to thank Doris and Alan for yet a wonderful time. You just Rock those Photo shoots!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lets put them in some snow

It was a lot of fun doing this mini Photo shoot. I bought a new black background and it was great to try it out.
I want to thank Matt and Angie for coming back to me for their Christmas Pictures. It was great to see Logan again!

The request was to do something special with a Family Photo. Something fitting for Christmas. Angie was joking when she said. yes, put us in a some snow without no jackets.
Well that was exactly what I did. And it turned out they both love it. Yes it must be very cold, but they look very warm and cozy together :-)

You know I could put them in a Snowstorm and they would still look this lovely!
Added Snow and Blue Background with Photoshop
Some Family Magic 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cozumel Mexico 2011

This was our third time we went to Cozumel Mexico. This time we stayed at the Allegro Resort Hotel. It was great! We do have to say for Adults the Iberostar is much better, but the Allegro is perfect when you have kids. much safer beach, and an awesome Kids Club. Oz had a great time going there! also the kids pool was perfect for him. He loved going down the water slides and playing with other kids. Last year this would have bin not possible. I was amazed how much he opened up in the past year. He was more scared of the water and also didn't wanted to make friends. This year he was all about the water! It was so great to see him with his yellow floaties and the boggy board. And he made some new friends. We did too! We always meet the most awesome people in Cozumel! And most times they are divers! I don't know what it is with those divers! But they are always cool People. Maybe because they are adventurous People and love life! They are spontaneous and loveable :-)
We also met some Animals too...a turtle, two Crabs, and lots of lots of Fish! I went snorkeling every day! It was beautiful! I saw a lot of underwater creatures and collected some awesome shells!
And of course we took Pictures of everything :-)
Odin celebrated his second birthday there. The day was perfect! It was very...very windy that day and the water by the sea was more wild and the waves more higher. I just thought...this is so fitting for Odin. He is wild and strong and busy. It was perfect! Allan took some sexy Pictures of me in my new Bikini that day. I love them!
So all in all we had a great time! Not so relaxing like last time Allan and I went alone...but we had a lot of fun with the kids :-)

Swimming with the Fish :-)

Look at that Crab Odin!

Mexican Show

Why did we bring the kids with us???!!!!

On Odin's Birthday

We know what Allan is looking at ;-)...but what is Oz looking at? LOL

He was exited to get his surprise!

Oz is Awesome!

Look at that cool Boy!

I'm king of the World!

Beach boy

when Odin took his Nap :-)

Fire Show

This is Alan. He was one of the Animation Team. The kids loved him!