Friday, March 30, 2012

Oz my Photographer :-)

So it's true and my son is the proof.
If a child is growing up with something, they find it very easy to learn it. It is natural to them. Like an actor. When your a great actor and your child is living in your world, that child learns from watching you. For my two sons...specially for my first one...Photography is something they just were always around...and surrounded with. They are my inspiration. So it is no wonder that Oz has started to understand Photography. I finally don't have to use the timer anymore on my Camera when I take Photos of myself. My son now has become my personal Photographer! How fun is that!!! He already is an cool Model! But slowly he will understand the other side from Photography.

He is only 5 years old! And believe you me...I didn't really do a lot with Photoshop on them.  Just the normal stuff that I would do on my own. I did help him with the shutter speed settings. But he did the focus all by him self.

Here some more Pictures of the same day...I just love my boys!!!

This was just the cutest Moment ever!!!
they said:
"Hello! Anybody home???"
Oh I wish I was a kid again! what a wonderful world to be!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Lens

So I have a new Portrait Lens. It's a 105mm f/2 DC

It is super sharp! OMG! The Images that it makes are very crisp! I love it! The bokeh is nice and soft and I can control it too. It has a defocus on it. Something that you normally do not want...defocus a picture...but in this case, I can create some very unique Pictures. I went to a forest the other day with my boys. I had so much fun practicing with it. Here are the pictures of that day.

 In the next Pictures you can see the effect of the defocus. It gives the image something dreamy.

 In this Picture you can see how sharp this lens is! and the bokeh that it creates very cool!

 In those two picture you can see the defocus very well! It gives the image some kind of a glow that makes it come to life in a very interesting way.

Because Oz was my Model the whole time it was my turn too. I put the camera up with the tripod and he had fun to be the photographer :-) he even told me what to was fun!

 What a wonderful day it was!!!