Monday, July 18, 2011

Bristol Renaissance Faire 2011...second Visit

This time we went to the Faire without Odin. He stayed at home with Grandma. Last week it was just to hot for the little guy. And this second visit would not be much cooler. It started out to be nice, but then when the sun came out it got really hot! But again we had a great time. In the end I got a bad headache and I didn't felt so well anymore, so we went home earlier. I didn't had my coffee in the morning so I blame it on that ;-)
When I got home I thought I didn't had great Photos. My head just didn't play along all day. But When I went through them I discovered that there are some very nice Pictures. And like I promised I shoot some new stuff too.
Oh and I have seen two other People with my dress!!! How disappointing!!! I was the only one a year ago and last week too...and now everywhere I look...I see that Lady Hunter dress!
Oh well :-)

On our way north

My husband

This was great! Normally I see this guy behind a chess game in front of a Store. But that Morning he enjoyed his pipe on a Bench.

Coming from the bakery

The Dead Bob Show

time for a ride :-)

Little Baby

He is ready!!!


Look at the guy behind her...what was his problem? Ha ha ha ha ha ha

The Queen!

Very Beautiful Lady!

Time for Games

and a Pony ride

Love this!!!

Yes it was a hot day!

Lets try that this time

One of my favorite Pictures of that day.

Mr. Adam `Crack´ doing his awesome show!!!

Glass blowing

The Unicorn!!!

The Joust

This is my Favorite Picture of the Day. I got the right Moment. he was riding out of the arena and flipped his sword in the air.