Friday, September 24, 2010

Turning 1 year old

This was fun! I loved to Photograph this little Family! It was great! We had perfect light condition! I was around normally not the greatest time to do a Photo shoot, but we had overcast and the sun was not strong. It was more a softer perfect for the pictures.
This little guy is turning 1 year old this week. His just so cute! He was smiling a lot and was very easy to photograph. They all were very uncomplicated and very kind. Was nice to work with them :-)
We did the Photo shoot at my place! and I tried to set up a studio (i took some curtains from an other room to make a backdrop) I took some nice pictures of the Baby and the Family there. I like how it turned out!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A dream Orthodox Wedding in September 2010

This was my very first wedding i Photographed. And i really didn't know how it will work out. But i just knew that I'm going to be fine. until now everything I've photographed so far and documented I've bin successful, so why not this wedding too?
Doris and Alan are just such a wonderful and beautiful couple! I did their engagement Photo shoot early this year and i could not imagine how they will look like at their wedding. She looked like a Greek Goddess and he looked like a Movie star...they both were very classy looking and it was a joy to take Pictures of their big day :-)
I was glad that i was able to step close to the couple through their ceremony. I did asked the priest the day before and i was happy that i was able to go anywhere i wanted. I love taking pictures of Ceremony's...just like the Indian Naming Ceremony that i did the Month before. It's just a very peaceful thing to do. And that church was just unbelievable beautiful!
I want to thank Doris and Alan for believing in me and give me the chance to be their Photographer at this perfect day.
And I also want to thank my awesome Husband :-) He was there with me and helped me remember curtain things. This day was very long.... He was such a big help :-)

I tried it too...OMG that stuff was strong!!! ;-)

I like this makes me smile.

It was very interesting to Photograph the preparation of the bride.

Flower Girl...OMG she was so cute!!!

OK...this was a very interesting situation for me. I knew the Groom is going to see her before the Ceremony. I was told he would be waiting in the house. Well, there were all the other People around. I did not know that he was waiting outside. right at that moment i realized what was going on. My Camera was still set for the light condition inside the house. I panicked a little. I was turning all the wheels on my Camera and i just clicked away. I really didn't know if i had it right or not. OMG i was so happy that i got some good shots! This is one of the important moments to that's why i panicked a little. I wanted to get this Moment...and i did!!!

One of my fevorits!

Sleeping children ;-)

I love this Picture! I focused on the cross and i got the light that i wanted!

Her Mom was sitting in the sunlight. She looked so beautiful!

Wedding Reception

I guess just a Photographer like me sees those things...i love how this Picture turned out!

Their first dance

Someone interupded me while she was throwing her flower bouquet. So i didn't got the Moment it was flying.

The Groom showed us the backside of the Cake topper...LOL...