Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mothers day Hike

I went to Starved Rock again on Mothers Day. This time with my Kids. It has been only 2 Month since I went last time. and oh how amazing the transformation was! Last time I had spikes on my Shoes to walk on all the ice. and now I had to balance over rocks and branches to not get wet feet :-)
My Boys had a blast. They were in the water and mud and climbing all over the place. I realized after the first Canyon that going into the water could be forbidden! And It was. Luckily no ranger saw it. I did not think about that when we started of having fun...I just laughed so much when my Boys started walking through it...the water was ice cold. They always complain when we are at a swimming pool...they rarely into that...but this they had no problem with. I guess it was the adventure that made them do it... and Mother Nature is more cooler then a normal pool. Of course I followed right after. LOL I guess we just were in the Moment. after that we behaved a bit more. ;-) If some ranger sees this Post...I Apologize for this. I explained to my kids that I totally forgot about the rules. They understand. But I do think that going into the water is better then carve your name into the rock some people do.
here is my Blog entry from my Winter visit: Winter at Starved Rock

 My Friend took those Pictures of me and the Boys :-)

My son Oz took the Pictures of Me and Odin and some Nature Pictures
 Love how he did this one!
 He did a very good job in taking those Pictures!
 He saw a face on this Wall and took a picture of it. I now see the face!!!

 Blue bells everywhere!!!!
Oz Took the next two Pictures...getting ready to climb up on that ledge.
 He did great on this Picture!
 My Friend Took the next Pictures of me.