Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Martin and Sharon

I want to start by a big Thank You to the Couple for letting me be a part of their Beautiful Wedding. Also for trusting me to capturing their big day! I have to say It was Challenging for me. The light was always different in every room. to use a Flash at the Ceremony was out of question...There were Windows in that room. To use a Flash would have taken away from the beautiful candle light admosphere. I tried my best to get the flow and the feel of everything. The packed room at the Cocktail Hour was new for me. LOL I have to laugh after this experience...I'm lucky I didn't step on any toes ;-) Going through the Pictures made me smile. What stands out the most at this Wedding was the Love and the Joy that the Family and friends have while being together. That was the most important thing for the Couple I think. To Spend as much time with everybody as possible. It warmed my hart that Martin's Family came all the way from Ireland to be there for him and Sharon. I know how difficult it is to have Family far away. His Mom never was on a Airplane before. This was her first time. :-) How Beautiful is that?!
Sharon's and Martin's Love for each other was wonderful to see! He was glowing the whole time and She had so much Joy in her Smile and Eyes it would brighten up any room! They are perfect together.
I wish you guys all the best for your Future together. May all your dreams come true!