Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Special Mini Halloween Photo shoots

I wanted to try this since like last year. I bought the smoke machine after last Halloween when I got a good deal on it.
I had the Pictures already in my Head and I knew how I wanted it to look.

I want to offer this as a Special Mini Halloween Photo shoot. 

Your child will stand out!
Pirates, Witches, Superheros, Star Wars Characters, even Princesses and Jungle animals come on by all September and October long.
Parents are always buying the costumes early and so I decided I will have my offer stand for two full Months.

30 min. Photo shoot
7 JPG Pictures on CD for $50.- Dollars

Make your appointment today!

 Shinko the Sock Monkey has arrived yesterday!!! He has bin visiting Families all over the USA. And now he will be staying with us for a week! The kids are exited and he got to help with the Photo shoot!!! He makes a great Pirate Monkey!!! yaaaaaaaaay!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Magical Garden

So this is our Neighbors Garden.
I have bin planning to take pictures of it for sooo long. Never was able to go because of the kids. Don't want them to run around that much and through stuff into the pond. But today...I just went. We had some rainy days behind us and everything is still wet. So I was sure It would be perfect to take pictures over there. The owner always told me I'm able to come over.
Here are some Pictures of this magical Garden. I love it! every time I walk by his pine trees I get reminded of Italy. The sent of the trees is so much how I remember the vacations in Italy. He collects different kinds of trees...and there are so many great things to see. His Garden has bin changing with the years. It's an never ending Art piece. There is always something new to see.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fun Times with my Family

I want to share some Photos that I took last Month. on 4th of July. It's always fun to capture my boys doing fire crackers and other stuff. The older they get the more fun it is doing this :-)