Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Already 2 years old!

Remember this handsome Guy?
He turned already 2 years old! I took his New Born pictures when he was just a few days old. Last year when he turned 1 he was already walking around in my yard. This year I went to meet him and his parents in a Park closer to them. In Plainfield IL.
That Park where was awesome! It looked like it was made for Photographers. I got there earlier and it must be a very popular place for Photographers because there was an other one taking Pictures of a Family. It  was funny to watch and listen to the conversations. Man That Photographer Lady talked a lot... LOL. Anyways That Place was Perfect! It had an old Barn and two other buildings. some low walls and lots of high grass and fields.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Twin Power!!!

Those kids were so adorable! First time I was able to capture Twins and so I wanted to try out some stuff. It was a Beautiful day And it was Their 6th Birthday! How cool the have a Birthday on 7-eleven day! Free Slurpee's every Birthday!!!
We went to my Favorite Park to do the photo shoot. I love it there...every time I go it reminds me of Baselland in Switzerland where I grew up. :-)

The kids had fun running around and explore everything.