Thursday, August 11, 2011

Going to Switzerland

My Family and I will be on our Vacation from August 12 - September 3.

We will be going to Switzerland. Switzerland is a beautiful Country, and I'm hoping for a lot of great stuff to photograph. Plus I have two Maternity Photo shoots and it looks like a Trash the dress day will be on too! With 4-5 Brides! I hope that this is going to work out! Would be amazing! It would look super cool in my portfolio!

Let's hope this Vacation to my home country will be a great!

I will be back September 3. You can still E-Mail me and do reservation for Photo shoots. Fall season is just around the corner! Beautiful colorful outdoor Family Pictures are a wonderful thing to hang on your wall. Or let's take fun Pictures of your Kids having fun in piles of fall leaves.

See you soon

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Michigan Sand Dunes at Silver Lake

We had a great time going to the Michigan Dunes again this year. Just like last year, the run was organized by Down & Dirty Offroad. It's a really nice off roading Club with really cool and fun People.
Silver lake is such a beautiful place to go camping. We really love it and the kids too! They just love to be in the sand.
I tried to get some Pictures of Oz in his Pirate costume. He was all about it when I asked him if he would like that. But it was not his day when I tried it, so I got some pictures, but not like I envisioned it. This is the thing I struggle the most with. When I have ideas in my had, but I can't have it like I planned it. With kids it's difficult sometimes to get the things you want. It really was not his I just did a 5 min photo shoot. I didn't want to push him to much for it.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Motherhood Photography Prototype Book

This has bin a long process to create this. I've bin thinking on doing a Book about Motherhood for over a year now. I started taking Pictures of situations and feelings of Motherhood when my second child turned 3 Month old. At first it was just playing around. There are so many things that happen, that some new Moms don't know about...or only heard about. Things that are so real to this World, where a Girl really spins around and becomes a Woman. There is no other Job in the world that does it as fast as Motherhood. It's just the question if you are ready or not. All woman have this question in their head. Or will get them at any point in their life. Even when you in the middle of it all, there are times where you question yourself.
In this Book are some of my Photographs that I took over the past 1 1/2 years. It is a fine Collections of Moments that I captured with my sense of Beauty, realness and understanding.
This is my Prototype Book.
With this I want to try to get into the Book Publishing World.

Here are some Pages of it

Are you ready for it?

Are you really ready?

The bravest battle that ever was fought!
I cannot do it all
But I surely do try.