Wednesday, March 23, 2011

After a long and cold Winter

Finally we were able to spend time outside. I do love the cold Winter days with Snow and Ice, but the snow and the Ice is gone. But This harsh Winter left a mark all around. There are dead Fish in the Lake. The thick Ice and the Snow on top of it didn't help them to breath. So a lot of fish died. And they are everywhere. We do see a lot of wild animals. But I have yet to photograph a Turkey vulture! Those are ugly Birds that feed of dead animals. It's always tricky to bounce back and forth between Motherhood and Photography...and so I didn't got a opportunity to capture this vomit spitting Creature.
The Beaver is also on the move again and with the spring rain he makes sure to make us worried again.

Beaver dam

It was so much fun though to go outside with my boys and my good friend from Switzerland who visited us this Month.