Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Self Portraits

I'm a Indian Princess of a far away Kingdom

I've always wanted to try on Clothes like that!!!! Thank's to my good friend Alpana i was able to have this experience!

Thank you so much!
Now i want to buy clothes like that myself :-)...i need to wear more colors!

All Pictures were taken by myself

Friday, June 18, 2010

Dune Day's

We went Camping in Michigan last Weekend! First time with both Boys! It was fantastic! Well the nights are always noisy and busy when Camping and the Mornings are always early. But we went off roading with a very cool group of people. And we had just so much luck with the Weather! So it was worth it!
The first day we went off roading in the Sand Dune's was colder and it was foggy. But we had fun anyways. Second day was just perfect! America never stops to surprise me! I love...love This country! It has so much to offer and there is so much to see! I just love surprises like this. On the east side of Lake Michigan (also on the south side) There are places with Sand Dunes. And Those at Silver Lake Stadt Park where just awesome! It's 4 hours away from us...so that was not that bad. It felt like we where somewhere else. Like on the Moon or sometimes like at the North Sea...or in the Sahara! My two boys loved playing in the Sand. And many people where surprised how well Odin was able to crawl in that Sand! He had so much fun! Oz and i crawled up a big Sand Dune once and we had fun running down again :-)

I used 3 different Camera Lenses for my documentation. Most time i shot with our wide angle lens. It's more used when taken Pictures of Nature. It's not exactly the best Lens for portraits so i had to be extra smart how to take the Photo's. I had to place the different subjects the right way, so that it looked interesting and not boring. I tried to get a story in every Picture.
I love to document stuff like that! It's a lot of fun!

Getting ready for off roading :-)

ready to go and Woffi too!

When off roading you have to let some air out of the tires.

First dune!...we made it up without getting stuck!

playing in the sand...and he found a Stone shaped like a heard!

This is a good Picture but i wanted more. It would have bin a lot more interesting with a Car in the Background. I wanted to ask Allan if he could drive back there. But everyone took a break from wheeling. So maybe next time.

Odin always is sticking his tongue out! So cute!

My Man having fun!

I was never at the "Nord See"...but i bet it would look like that!

This is fun!!!!!

uuuuuuuh my Big Brother is so cool! I have to follow him!

This is my favorite Picture from that day! It's just so cute how he wanted to follow Oz :-)

Oz loved to run around in the Sand!

An other favorite! I think it's a cool Picture!

I had to be somewhere in a Picture!

At the Camp fire

2nd Day

Finally a new Family Photo!

This was a very nice Couple! Their two sons where also Off Roading :-)...they where a true off roading Family! I see me and my Husband like them when our two boys are grown up!

This could be me and Allan in the future...don't you think?

It was a big Sand Dune! It was fun going up! But it was hard to stop at the top! You had to have the speed so you made it up...so sometimes it was hard to stop right at the peak of the Dune.

On the ride home!

We stopped at Big Boy to eat a burger :-)...it's one of those classic Burger places.

Those next Pictures are Infra Red Photographs. They are taken by my Husband. His more into special Photography. I love his Pictures! Specially the last one! I think that one is awesome! He was not able to take more. The first day was not good for IR Pictures. The deep blue sky with some clouds are always the best for IR Pictures. We didn't had much time the second day. so not many IR Pictures. But i hope next time he can play around more.
My husband wanted to become a Photographer :-)

Photos taken by Allan