Thursday, May 31, 2012

May Camping Trips

So for the last 3 Weekends we have bin going camping with our new RV. We got that ridicules big thing ;-) last January. We always have bin tenting before, but our last trip last summer with a tent was stressful. With two kids. So we bought a RV for our future Road trips and Camping trips. The last 3 Weekends were so much fun!!! Playing, Smors roasting and meeting new People.
First trip we went up to Wisconsin to Cliff side. It was a cold weekend but so worth it and we learned that Wisconsin really is the capital of Ticks in the Midwest. OMG one walk on a path through the forest and those little bugs were crawling all over us. I'm usually fine with bugs when camping...but Ticks!!! Yuck!!! But we had fun anyways. there were a lot of other kids for Oz And Odin to play with.
second Camping trip was at Indian Trails Campsite WI. Very nice Camping place with a Pool and a Lake and Oz found even a BMX dirt trail. He of course had fun with that with his new Bike. and Like the weekend before we met Jeff and Donna. It was great seeing them again and hanging out and going on a treasure hunt :-)
The last Camping trip was my Favorite. We went to Starved Rock state park. The Camping site was great! and we met some cool People there to hang out at the Campfire and play Bocha with. We went hiking on Sunday. The trails were Beautiful! Somehow reminded me of some Places in Switzerland. With the Kids we only were able to do a short hiking trail. I want to go back there once the kids are able to walk more. I want to see a lot more of this Beautiful place.