Monday, October 20, 2014

Vacation 2014 Mexico

We Love to spend our Vacation in Mexico. We went back to the same place like last year. And we met our Friends again. It was so much fun! See you guys next year again!!!

 Rain Bow in the Morning :-)

 Morning snuggles

 Look little Fish!!!

 Those were some freaky Crabs! they were jumping!

 He is 8 years old now!!! He looks so much older all of a sudden!!!!
 Cool Kid!!!


 Odin with his Girls ;-)


 look Girls!!

 Selfie Time!!!

 I guess he has some good Cards!
 Selfie Time!!!

 His Favorite Bar tender. Happy to see him again this year:-)

 Selfie Time!!!

 Playing the Pre Show Game....and he won!

 Mel and Al ran into each other!!! LOL
 Cocktail Party!!!

 Fun with Friends!!!

 They are soooo cute!!!!

 Al with awesome Star Friends!!!

 Odin with his Favorite Star Friend :-)
 Oz getting his Metal for first place in Archery (bow and arrow shooting) He got one nearly other kids were going to the competition ;-)

 Selfie Time!!!

 First place in Archery and airgun shooting
 Competing in the Miss Iberostar Show
 Selfie Time!!!

 We got surprised by a super nice Birthday cake the night before his Birthday!
 Happy Birthday song Star Friend style ;-)

Oz's Birthday Activity wish.

 He painted the whole thing by himself! He had so much joy doing it :-)

 Our British Friend Kevin was on Fire!!! Al tried to put it out with his Hand...ha ha ha ha

 Beach Bikini photo Shoot

 Our Daily Champion Competition!

 Lisa helping Oz
 Kevin and Lisa

 Odin and Oz SWIMMING!!!!! yaaaaaaay!

 Good Job!!!

 Selfie Time!!

 Happy Birthday my cool boy!!!

 Don't know which one I like I post both

I took Al and Lisa out of the Picture...looks cool 
Last Selfie 

 This time Al got a Medal too. He shot the Apple at Archery that day. ;-)

 We are the Champions my Friend!!


 My Friend Lisa. Love you!!!

Some of the Gang
 Fist Bump !!!! SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!!!!
Some Special Photography