Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ice Igloo

When I saw that the arctic cold would stay around for many days to come I thought I would like to do and try my luck with an Ice Igloo. At first I wanted to collect juice boxes and make Ice bricks with them, Just like I saw in a Web Link a good friend of mine send me: Milk Carton Ice Igloo ,but I had to take the opportunity of this cold winter and do it right now. I just started with the Ice Bricks that I had and then went up with cup size Ice. I used Food color to mix it in the water and then I let it freeze outside over night. I did row after row. Most times I only had enough Ice for one Row. the higher I came the more rows I could do. I started it on January 28 and finished it February 11th. Two weeks! Many time I just thought it would never end! But I made it and finished it! And right on time! then after this coming weekend it will melt away. :-/ The kids did help me with filling the cups but I was the one building it. They were not allowed near it. So I worked mostly when they were in school. The kids of course LOVE it! And I'm in awe with what I have done! At first I thought the walls would break at a curtain point. But it was holding! I always gave it enough time to freeze solid before I did new rows. and I always put some snow between the ice and put water over it. I had to dig it out of the Snow many Times. We had some heavy snow fall. and I had to build a Wind blocking wall out of Snow behind the Igloo. The Wind always covered my Igloo with snow again. more then once I wanted to be done with. But I did it! and I'm glad I did not stop! Look at that thing!!!
Before I started this We went to see Frozen with the Kids. And I'm totally in Love with that Movie! We have such a frozen winter right now, to watch this Movie was just perfect! My absolut favorite Disney Movie by far! I loved the Song where Elsa was building her Castle. I wish I was that fast ;-)
I know it is a little bit silly....
This Movie was an inspiration for my little Castle. I don't think I will ever grow up. I'm still a little Girl with a lot of day dreams and Fantasy. Always trying to build my own adventures and my own world.

here is the Video of Elsa the Ice Queen:

And here is how I did it ;-)
Make sure to listen to the Music on the side while looking at the Pictures.  :-)

At Night!!!!!