Friday, April 10, 2015

Sara and Mark

Sara and Mark are the perfect match for each other. When we first met to discuss their wedding I asked when they got engaged . They told me they have not been together for that long and got engaged shortly after. Mark said he knew she was the One and had found the perfect Woman. He didn't want to wait to make her his wife.
Taking on a new role as a Step Mom of 4 is something very brave in my mind. While getting ready for the ceremony she made sure the Girls were ready and had everything they needed. Sara's Mom was getting nervous because there was not that much time anymore. There were only some minutes to spare when Sara finally put on her own dress and got ready. That was proof for me that Mark is 100% right. She is perfect.  She is thoughtful and kind. She will always put the kids and him before everything else. He hit the Jackpot! :-)
I wish Sara and Mark all the best for their future together. They are perfect together!