Friday, April 12, 2013

Cozumel Mexico 2013

This was our 4th time on this beautiful Island. And the first time going on a vacation with our two boys that was not that stressful. I guess the older they get the more easier it becomes to go traveling. The boys enjoyed to be back. We spend two weeks at two different hotels. The ones we stayed before. Both Hotels have something to offer. Iberostar was our first stop. It's our favorite place. for adults a beautiful relaxing resort, with nice service and beautiful landscape. This week was clearly for me and my Husband. we switched the second week to the Alergo Resort. with less service and less overall relaxation for us parent, it was perfect for the kids. They have a better kids club and a more sandy beach. And the best part for the boys, it has the water park pool. It was our first vacation as a family where we were able to sleep through the night. and the most awesome thing! I was able to read a book!
Baski came with us on our Mexico adventure :-)

First week, Iberostar Resort Hotel

Look at the size of that Burger!!! Ha ha ha ha ha
Baski enjoying the Beach :-)
Joining a Game :-)
Hello Peacock
Again a big Burger!!!
Looking for crabs and fish :-)
Watching Beach Volleyball
Good thing we had his Dinos with us! He played a lot with them in the Sand.
Good Morning :-)
Painting with the Boys! It was fun! and they turned our to be very cute souvenirs!
The sun was very...very strong! Baski even had to have sun protection!
Odin liked Jacob. We always meet fun people on our vacations :-)
 Oz took some Pictures too! those two pictures of Star friends are some of them! He did very good!
Limbo Time! Allan got second place. He got beat by a 16 year old who was very pretty and there for got help winning the game. My Man was the real winner ;-) 
Good job Odin!!!
He made it through this one!
Nr. 6 was his downfall but look how cool he is!

 Oz took the next 3 Pictures :-)
Oz Playing with the Bid Dogs! He was so cute! He did got hit with the Ball in his face and stomach, LOL But he got a hug from a pretty Girl so he was fine with that.
 Good Morning Kitty Cat
 This Iguana always went to this Shower to drink Water.
 Mexican Restaurant
 Here PĆ¼teli, have some too!
 Tequila Flambe! So good!
 My Food was on fire! Blue Flames :-)
 Aha! I got you!!!
 Our evening ritual. Boys got to play Games and we had fun with friends.
 Also a Mom of two Boys.
Oz took this Picture of the Peacock! Wonderful!
 Meeting Pepe! Oz loved this Bird that always was in the Lobby every Morning :-) Oz also took some wonderful Pictures of this Parrot.
Oz took this Wonderful Picture of Pepe!
and this one too.
 Pepe did not like her Clothes.
 Some Pictures that Oz took. He really liked the big Camera.

 An other Cat visiting us.
 Second week at the Alegro Resort Hotel.
Friend from last time we were there. The kids loved him and were happy to see him again.
 Look how cute Odin is!!! Such a little heart breaker!
At the kids Club
 We spend most of our time at the Pirate ship Kids Pool. It was a lot of fun!
 Getting ready for Dinner :-)
 That Meal was the Best! It was sooooooo good!
 My Beautiful Boy..."Mami ha!!!!"
 Me and my Boys :-)
 When my Husband gets the Camera then we get Pictures like that Hi hi hi hi hi hi
He got me this Bikini and the black one. and most of the clothes I was wearing.

 Our Beach Pictures that Allan always takes of me when we are in Mexico.

Odin found a Friend. She was from Germany!
 Last evening
 Cheese!!! Look at my Cute Boy!!!
 Last sunset! with the cutest Boy in this world! His Smile is so awesome!
Dancing for Mami :-)
 We tried to get some Family Photos but Odin had enough. LOL