Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Alan and Doris

This is my first couple that i've photographed.
I was a little nervous going to the City. I've never seen those two before and i knew, to take pictures of adults is a little different then taking pictures of children. Adults are totally aware of you and the Camera. So it's a different game with them. But to my surprise it went very well. I was good prepared for it, i knew what i wanted to do. Some Pictures i already had in my head, so i had enough ideas to work with.
Alan and Doris are a great couple! And they look so beautiful together! I loved the Clothes that they where wearing! It just went great with the location! We went to Millennium favorite place in Chicago!
Alan told me before the shoot, he never looks good on a picture. I told him his gone be fine. And i was right....He was more then fine! LOL
My Husband and my kids where with me. It was fun!

I'm very proud of my work that i did that day :-)

Alan and Doris...there is Love in the City!

That was fun!

This was a funny situation. My Husband was right at the wrong spot. He was totally in the way back there. I told him to move away from behind

there he ih walking away with the stroller and the kids...."but i was first here!!!...hahahaha

There!!! one is in the way now :-)

Love this one!!!

My husband came up with this idea to get a heart in this picture :-)....he get's the credit for that!

Love that they have the same walk in this Picture.

Not the most beautiful tree...LOL...but with them it works.

An other favorite

uuuuuh...i'm so alone!!!

There she is!

I love her face in this Picture!

I have the Power

this is my Favorite

Look what i found ;-)