Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bristol Renaissance Faire, September 1 2012

It's the last weekend of the Renaissance faire for this year. We planned on going without dressed up. There was a chance of rain. and the air was humid. And in the End we were happy we did not go all dressed up. It started to Rain...and we had to go home. But we still had a fantastic time there again! I got some cool Pictures :-)

The witch!!!!
 let's fight!!!!!
 One of my favorite stores at the Fair! Sooo cool!
 She most wear the most Beautiful crafted Costume ever!!!
 Me with Odin on a slide :-)
 My Boys!!!
 look at Odin! He had so much fun!
 This guy was the coolest!!! Oz was asking me: Is that the real Captain Jack?
He really looked like him...sooo cool. Right then I was a bit sad the Oz didn't had his Costume on. Oh well an other time. It is still a cute Picture!
mesmerized by the voices of the Sirena Women .-)
 I put a Newspaper on my Camera and was able to snap some Pictures when it started to rain. It came down pretty hard and we run off to find some shelter! It was fun!

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