Thursday, August 4, 2011

Michigan Sand Dunes at Silver Lake

We had a great time going to the Michigan Dunes again this year. Just like last year, the run was organized by Down & Dirty Offroad. It's a really nice off roading Club with really cool and fun People.
Silver lake is such a beautiful place to go camping. We really love it and the kids too! They just love to be in the sand.
I tried to get some Pictures of Oz in his Pirate costume. He was all about it when I asked him if he would like that. But it was not his day when I tried it, so I got some pictures, but not like I envisioned it. This is the thing I struggle the most with. When I have ideas in my had, but I can't have it like I planned it. With kids it's difficult sometimes to get the things you want. It really was not his I just did a 5 min photo shoot. I didn't want to push him to much for it.

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