Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Product

I have a new Product option for my past Clients and future Clients.
Metal Prints.
It is a very Modern and simple, but yet eye catching look for on the wall. Your image will be infused right into the surface of a solid sheet of aluminum. The Colors just look very vivid and the Image has that Metal look that looks very cool on the wall or on a desk. 

8” x 10”           $ 54.95
11” x 14”         $ 79.95
16” x 20”         $129.95
20” x 30”         $219.95

 Also available in a 11" Heart shape             $ 79.95
and   available in a 16" Heart shape             $129.95   

there is a 20% discount on all Metal Print orders that come with a future Photo shoot.

I also will create some Artwork in the future that are specially designed for metal printing. 

The Prices on those are the same as above. 

here is one of my Artworks that is ready to be sold:

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