Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cute but Wild?

So I sometimes put some old Bread out for our Friend the Squirrel Mr. Fritz.
here is a Picture of our Friend that always comes by the Back Door.
We recognize him because he has one Ear missing...anyways...

So yesterday he didn't came by but Mr. Raccoony showed up. It has bin a while since we last saw him. We don't usually feed those Raccoons...they get to attached to People and start to come to close. They are Cute but I would not want to get to close to one.

I saw Mr. Raccoony the other day when I went outside for a walk with my Camera in the Back yard. Odin was with me. Raccoony sat behind the Neighbors Barn and we just stared at each other.
Here are some Pictures of my evening walk.


and as if our staring at each other was a Dinner invite for the Raccoon he came by yesterday and took all the Bread away that was intended for Fritz.
I just took the opportunity and took Pictures of this animal.

Shhhhhhh Racoony is coming!

yes it is Cute! 
But ...
..... it's a wild animal!

 Odin had fun watching

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