Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Switzerland: The first week

It was a great experience to be back in Switzerland again. It has bin 4 years since we last went and nobody ever met Odin. So it was something special for my Family. We stayed at my Fathers house. It was great! Odin and Oz had their own room And there was so much to see and do.
Those following Pictures are of our first Week. Allan was in Zug those days. He was working. so I just stayed in Hochwald with the kids. We did go once to the Basel Zoo. Something my Family did a lot when I was little. It was something very special to go there with my kids and my Dad. I enjoyed it!

Friends are visiting :-)

Fun !!!


The Garden:

Yummmm...Swiss Yogurt!!!

At my Moms House. She has Gecko's. The kids loved them!

My Dad with Odin

At the Basel Zoo


Taking a walk through the woods in Hochwald

Having fun

Second and third Weeks are coming soon......

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