Thursday, October 3, 2013

J+J Dream Wedding

I have been excited for this day to arrive!!
It was a dream Wedding! I can't really explain the Garden where the ceremony was held. It's one of the most beautiful Garden's I have ever seen! Everything was perfect! I love details and as a Photographer I noticed every little thing. And I could tell that there has been a lot of thoughts going into this day! I could not stop admiring all the flowers and decorations! It was amazing!
The Love and the joy was felt through out the whole day. People were Happy to come together and be with their Family and friends. Some people traveled very far to celebrate this special Day.
Justin and Jessica are so much fun! They are lovable and kind. And have a real cool sense of humor. It was a joy to be on their side for a whole day and capture their perfect wedding day. The Pictures speak for them self  :-)
I wish the couple all the best for their Life together! Keep that fun and humor in your will carry you far!
I have put together my Favorite Pictures and Also in my Music list you can listen to the music I was listening to going through all the pictures and do the enhancements. It fits the day and the couple I think.... specially the first song :-)
enjoy the Pictures and the Music.

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