Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bristol Renaissance Faire 2012...first visit.

Like every year we go to the Renaissance Faire in Kanosha. We went on Saturday opening day. and like always it was just great! We had a lot of fun and were excited to watch a lot of great shows. I wished I had more time to roam around with my Camera. I want to try to capture new things next time we go. We had friends with us, so we went to see shows that we always liked. There for I have a lot of Pictures of shows and People here, that I have captured before. But I had so much fun! There are so many new things to see at the Faire. so next time there will be all new stuff...can't wait to go there again! My two boys had fun too! They were both dressed as pirates. Oz looked so cool as little Jack Sparrow!
Show a little more excitement Odin!!! LOL

Little Captain Jack Sparrow!!! He looked just so cute!!!
Walking the Plank mate!
We always go and watch Moonies first show! 
 Tartanic!!! It was fantastic!!!
only she know :-)

Flight of the Raptor

Adam Crack

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