Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Switzerland is right around the Corner

Switzerland is right around the corner! I went to this Park the other day with my kids, and i felt like i was back in Switzerland! It was so surreal! The Weather was fantastic! When i saw those Clouds i knew i had to make the trip down there. I was there once at a Birthday Party, but i didn't wander around so i didn't see much. But now i walked through the woods and i was looking around and after every corner i felt like a little kid again exploring the Forrest and the field back home in Baselland where i grew up! It was windy and there was a Weather change coming! So there for the Clouds were awesome! This is definitely a place where i want to go back...also with clients! I would love to take Pictures of a Family there or some other models!!!
The Pictures from the old Water tower and the Cornfield are not taken at that Park...but it was on the way down there. And i always had in mind to check this out. Also a cool place where i could go back!
In Photoshop i used a HDR technique to get the ultimet effect on the clouds. HDR Photo is a Photo that is combined of 3-5 Pictures all of the same image but with different exposures. You compine all the Pictures together and you get an image that shows all the shadows and hightlights in the perfeckt light. I didn't take more then one pictures of the same thing but in Photoshop there are different techniques where you can get a similar effect.

It felt like Switzerland!

I love this Photo of was very windy right then! He loved the Wind going through the Grass.

This is how i remember growing up!!!

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