Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bristol Renaissance Fair 2010.....Second Visit

This is our second visit to the Renaissance Fair! Grandma and Grandpa came with us this time and that gave me some more time to take Pictures. You have your hands full with a 3 year old and a 9 Month old. This time we were more people to look after the kids. We watched a ton of shows and we discovered new things. Allan and Oz went on some rides again (Hand powered of course!)
You will see also some action shots of Adam Crack. I got some awesome Pictures of Fire!!! That show is awesome. Next time i know what he is doing next and how so I'm able to get other things as well that he did.
I used 4 different Lenses this time around. I had a lot of fun and my kids too. They were dressed up like pirates! Me and my Husband will go dressed up as well next time. Maybe to the end of this Month.

I loved watching them paint!

One Flaming Idiot

Loved their Music!

I don't know what instrument that was, but it sounded great!

Face Painting! She was beautiful!

One of many shops! Love this Picture. I waited until the Woman came to the right spot and then i took the Picture.

I tried to capture her Hands! But Believe it or not it was harder then you think it would be. Her Hands were like going back and forth and back and forth. And at that time i didn't had enough natural light to have a high shutter speed. The hands are a bit blurry but i like it that shows the moment of her Hands.

Moonie!!! Always a great show!!! His just awesome and so funny!

Oh yes your rose came out.....just like mine! ;-)

Angel said don't do it but the Devil said do it!!!

Trying to get up there!

Thsi is the first time i saw her! She's amazing!!! I wanted to go back at the end of the day and look at her finished artwork...but i totally forgot! But there is always a next time :-)
I think she does every day one Painting.


Love this Picture!

You can try to throw tomatoes at him but he will be very mean to you!!!

I loved those guy's facial expressions!

They are always fun to watch!

First time we saw those Two at the Fair.

Time for rides!!!

Adam Crack!!! He was awesome!!!

On the way out we met the Kid eating witch :-)
She likes to eat Kid ears...ha ha ha ha...she even carries a pepper mile for her food!
i don't know what the guy in the back wanted to accomplish with this...i think he thought i was taking pictures of him

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